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We offer a range of earthing services from supply, installation, testing with satisfactory results. Our ultimate vision is to be on the paramount of the earthing sector with a prime focus on delivering the best quality products to our clients. To ensure the continuous fabrication of fine quality products we maintain a stable and technically advanced infrastructure. The efficient utilization of our resources is ensured by allocating them efficiently within the various departments the company is segregated into. 

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    Earthing is the process of creating alternative path for the flow of fault/excessive current safety in the ground in the presence of minimal resistance or impedence. 

    The primary purpose of earthing is to reduce the risk of serious electric shock from current leaking into insulated metal part of an appliance, power tool or other electrical devices. In a properly earthed system, such leaking/fault current age carried away harmlessly while tripping the fields. Over the years billions of dollars” worth of property has been destroyed due to electrical failures, short circuit etc. due to improper grounding systems.  

    • Protection against electrical overload. 
    • Helps direct electricity
    • Stabilizes voltage levels. 
    • Earth is the best conductor. 
    • Prevents damage, injury and death.

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    Easy Steps Working Process​

    Working Process 1
    Earthing Electrode

    Earthing Electrode

    Working Process 2
     Pipe Earthing

    Pipe Earthing

    Working Process 3
    Plate Earthing

    Plate Earthing

    Working Process 4
    Earthing through Water

    Earthing through Water

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